The MEI Voyageur Travel Pack

The choice of seasoned travelers since 1978

This is my one essential piece of travel gear. It's been my mobile software development office in Bangkok, my mountaineering kit in Nepal, and even carries my mom's college books in Ithaca, NY.

My current choice in this category is the MEI "Voyageur" pack (pictured above), which is 22 x 14 x 9 inches (maximum permitted carryon size), made of 1000 denier Cordura with an interior urethane coating, and has a parallel stay internal aluminum frame. The hip belt and shoulder harness are lined with nylon knit, and padded with closed cell foam; these zip out of sight for carryon use, and a more "luggage-like" appearance.

The Voyageur holds over 40 liters - all anyone should need for foreign travel - but weights in at under 1600 grams! It is Hand Made in the USA with a money back guarantee on quality.

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Discrete Brown Voyageur Pack.(Coffee) Brown Travel Pack

This color is a personal favorite.

The bag pictured is now my own since I dragged it across Asia last year.

I try to keep it packed at all times - it is more than a bag, it is my freedom.

$146 -


An MEI Voyageur as Blue as the Mediterranean(Ocean) Blue Travel Pack

The Voyageur is ideal for beach-bum vacations be they in Europe, Cancun or Thailand.


$146 -



Green Voyageur Rucksack - Anyone for a Trek?(Forest) Green Travel Pack

Weekend Nomads abound. The Voyager is a trusted companion for day hikes and camping trips.

Mine has been to 15,000 feet in the Himalayas. There was even a compartment to house a Camelback.

$146 -



Burgundy Red MEI Voyageur Back PackBurgundy (Wine) Travel Pack

Easy to see on the luggage carousel,
bright travel packs have their advantages...

Ideal for a wine-tasting adventure across France or South Africa. Perhaps you prefer Saki, Rum or Beer Laos..?


$146 -



Subtle Gray MEI Voyageur Bag - Great for Adventure Travel(Ninja) Gray Travel Pack

Stealthy and unobtrusive - ideal for travel in the developing world.

Just add a dusting of baby powder - and this bag is incognito.

$146 -




Black MEI Voyageur  as Carry On Luggage(Jet) Black Travel Pack

I love that all MEI Voyageurs can come with me as Aircraft carry-on luggage.

It keeps my notebook safe and clothes folded when I travel on business.

$146 -




MEI Voyageur History

The Voyageur has been a cult item for adventure travelers for almost 30 years - due to its solid construction, metal frame and carry-on size. The Voyageur went out of production - and is extremely hard to find. Finally I have hunted the manufacture down and they agreed to allow me to distribute the packs online.


Ordering Tips

MEI Voyageur packs normally ship within 2 weeks - But excessive demand and small supply can lead to delays. You can help yourself by mentioning travel dates and second choice colors in your PayPal order notes. It makes sense to plan ahead.

NOTE: Due to recent demand for this hand made product - please plan ahead. Current delivery times can exceed 4 weeks. Please mention travel dates in your order notes.

The Voyageur Quality Guarantee

The pack is of such a high quality - it comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warrantee for the workmanship and raw materials. It is Hand Made to order in the USA.


Jacob Mellor


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